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At Studio Luxe we strive to offer our clients the most up to date hair braiding methods available so that we can service any client’s needs. We like to keep current with the latest braiding trends and techniques, this allows you to receive the best possible styles.

We specialize in but not limited to Box Braids, Jumbo Braids, braided updos, Braided ponytails, feed-in styles, layered feed-in styles, natural hair braids, crochets, knotless braids, kids’ styles, braid removal, and braid refresh.

Most braiders are using synthetic hair products made with Kanekalon Fiber. We are different! We offer a better solution and a healthier alternative. We use our own brand of hair, Luxe by La, which is made with anti-bacterial fiber. Our black-owned braiding hair company sets out to become instrumental in changing the beauty industry when it comes to the representation of Black women.

Who is La?

Named Best Hairstylist in the ‘Boro 2019 By the Statesboro Herald, Lasharett has been braiding hair for over two decades. Lasharett has grown from one of many braiders to the best hairstylist in the ‘Boro, but one thing remains, when you sit in her chair you leave looking and feeling even more beautiful than when you arrived.   As a stable in her local community, when Lasharett decided to open Studio Luxe By La, she was welcomed with open arms from the local community and surrounding cities. The idea behind starting Studio Luxe By La was based on a concept of having a place that provided outstanding one-on-one customer service provided by a talented stylist. Over the years she has trained to hone her skills, styles and business to become one of the most astute braiders in Southeast Georgia.
Lasharett is known for her candor just as she is for gifted genius in braiding, she has an artistic eye for parts and sensitivity to the particular nature of a client’s hair.
When asked what her goal with her salon is? She says, “My goal is to provide each client with a design that will allow them to express their individuality.”
Oh and yes – she does braids for men also.

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